Technical Bulletins
  Bulletin 98
Selecting the Correct Coating for Every Type of Pool Surface
  Bulletin 100
ZERON Epoxy Coating as an Alternative to a Plaster Finish
  Bulletin 104
Fundamentals for the Application of Epoxy Coatings
  Bulletin 105
ZERON and POXOLON 2 on Unpainted Concrete, Sandblasted Concrete, and Plaster Pool Surfaces
  Bulletin 107
PATIO TONES Water-Base Non-Slip Coating for Pool Decks
  Bulletin 111
Refinishing Fiberglass Pools and Spas with GUNZITE Primer and ZERON (1 coat) or POXOLON 2 (2 coats) Finishing Coat
  Bulletin 114
POXOLON 2 or ZERON (EPOXY) Coatings on Aluminum
  Bulletin 115
POXOLON 2 and ZERON on Steel Surfaces
  Bulletin 116
  Bulletin 118
216 GUNZITE Primer: Primer for New and Other Rough Surfaces
  Bulletin 119
The Application of ZERON-POXOLON 2 or PARALON 2-OPTILON on Previously Painted Pools
  Bulletin 120
HYDROLON Acrylic Coating
  Bulletin 121
OPTILON Synthetic Rubber-Base Pool Coating
  Bulletin 123
PARALON 2 Chlorinated Rubber-Base Coatings
  Bulletin 125
SUPER CONVOY Non-Slip Coating for Steps, Wading Pools, Shower Floors, and Pool Decks
  Bulletin 126
SUPER CONVOY Slip-Proof Coating on Diving Boards
  Bulletin 130
PERMASEAL Permanent Nitrile Rubber Joint Filler
  Bulletin 131
THERMOLASTIC Flexible Rubber Joint Filler for Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance
  Bulletin 132
NO. 965 BITUREZ One-Coat Bitumen-Epoxy System
  Bulletin 134
Poxofill Epoxy Patching Compound
  Bulletin 135
Repairing Cracks, Pits, Spalls, Breaks and Rough Areas in Concrete Pool Surfaces
  Bulletin 141
Acid Etching and Surface Cleaning Pools
  Bulletin 142
Tips for Smooth Roller Painting
  Bulletin 143
Estimating the Quantity of Paint Required
  Bulletin 148
Pool Painting General Information
  Bulletin 162
Galvanic Corrosion - Electrolysis Prevention - Remedial Measures
  Bulletin 165
Proper Procedure for Sandblasting Swimming Pools
  Bulletin 170
Colorful Designs in Pool Interiors
  Bulletin 181
Water Chemistry for Coated Pools
  Bulletin 185
Spray Application for Olympic Pool Coatings
  Bulletin 195
947 Matte Clear Sealer and 948 Semi-Gloss Clear Sealer
  Prep Magic
Prep Magic all-in-one solution for pool washing
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